Our Role and Responsibility Navigating COVID-19

The safety and well-being of our staff and guests is of paramount importance to us. So we are closely monitoring the developments and information about COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), and have taken extra precautions to make sure that our restaurants are prepared.

We are in regular contact with leaders in the Department of Health and Human Services, and have followed their directives thoroughly.  We are also in contact with the restaurant leaders in the community and have been sharing resources and support. 

As a rule, we follow meticulous cleaning and sanitizing procedures every day. We pride ourselves on a clean and safe workplace. In addition to our standard cleaning schedule, here are some of additional steps we’re taking:

  • Using enhanced disinfectant measures on high traffic surfaces and areas in both the bar area, bathrooms and  kitchen in hourly rotations.
  • Making sure service tools like pens, menus, and check presenters are disinfected between each single use.
  • We are sourcing hand sanitizer for each restaurant for guests to use.

Our wonderful staff continues to be thorough and thoughtful about frequent handwashing and sanitization. Those good habits have been in place since the beginning, and will be upheld with extra vigilance. We have spoken in depth with our team about the virus, including how it’s transmitted, and the common symptoms. Our existing policy is that employees are not to come to work sick, and that will continue to be enforced moving forward.

We hope that this puts your mind at ease. While we understand and share the concern about this virus, please know that we are taking every precaution and you can have confidence in the safety of these spaces.  For more information or questions, you can reach out to us at marketing@bullyssportsbar.com.